Bridal Blush: Colored Wedding Dresses - Blues and Greys

For our final installment of our favorite colored wedding dresses {we also love blush and mint}, we wanted to close with something special. We really adore both of these looks. Blue has a certain timelessness to it while still being different and classic. MacKensey's mom got married in a backless, long sleeved sequined navy gown that would still look incredible today. All of the dresses here are of the sky/dusty blue category. They are lovely choices going into spring.

Grey is a fun and unexpected choice we love. Our favorite is the Vera Wang {above}. These designs are modern, unique and simply stunning, not to mention flawless with any coloring. If you go grey with your dress, we definitely suggest a colored shoe: pink, yellow, purple, blue... any color shoe really!


In Full Bloom: What's in Season - March


Talking Shop with Stephanie of Coral and Tusk

What inspired you to open Coral and Tusk? I come from a long line of Appalachian women who could make something of nothing. I've always particularly loved embroidery since it is drawing with thread. Drawing is my passion and embroidering those drawings makes them come to life. The tactile quality of stitches on cloth adds such a special spirit. Years ago I set out to buy a memory game for a friend's child and was dismayed to see what had come of a beloved childhood game! I decided I would make an embroidered game, all nautically themed, A-Z. About half way through, I realized it was going to take FOREVER to make all 52 pieces (alphabet x 2!!). I was looking through Martha Stewart magazine and saw all the different machines in her sewing room. After a lot of research, I discovered a machine that had software that would allow me to maintain the mark-making when creating the embroidered design. And that was it!

How would you describe your wares? We make pillows, artwork, tabletop and kitchen, small accessories, pocket dolls, stationery and women's accessories. I begin my creative process with a story; one day it's a gentleman penguin with a crab best friend and the next, an arrow-slinging champion red panda. Each story is expressed as a pencil drawing which is then scanned and redrawn in stitches using special software, a days-long evolution of inital research, sketching, choosing colors and final compostionand then prototyping. Every embroidered character, from Snake Charmer, to Peg-legged Pigeon, retains the integrity of my style of mark-making which is essential to the innate charm of Coral & Tusk products.

What is Coral and Tusk's aesthetic? Our designs are genderless and ageless. We make you laugh.  Every image tells a story.

Who shops at Coral and Tusk? A large cross section of people shop at C&T and that makes me really happy--- I am a huge believer in having fewer, nicer things...and that the things that we experience during our days should be well designed and bring continued joy to look at and to use. Because there is a timelessness to what we make we hope that people will live with them for a long time-- and pass them down. I am lucky enough to see a kid light up looking at a merit badge thinking about what he or she will do to earn it--- or the squeal of an adult taking out the plains fox from his tipi to see the interior decorating---or a woman who carefully selects the pieces of jewelry she wants to add to her collection!

What inspires you? My inspiration comes from everywnere!! But mostly, animals and feelings. It may sound silly, but I love love. And loving things and being loved makes me want to make things!! I am lucky enough to be in a constant stream of feeling inspired and so excited to make the next thing. Everyday brings such magic-- and I love being able to experiece and enjoy all that magic!

What is your design and creation process? My process is very hands-on. I design and prototype each embroidery in my Brooklyn studio using special software that combines my own illustrations with machine embroidery. This can take days beginning with the development of my initial idea to gathering research and inspiration, to sketching, composition and prototyping. Once my design is complete I then collaborate with the production and cut-and-sew workshops I set up in India, as well as some here in the States. I’ve traveled to India frequently for many years which enabled me to develop really strong working relationships with incredible artisans there. Without these bonds I could never do what I do.

What are your favorite materials to work with? Fabric and thread. And paper!

Describe your perfect Saturday. My husband and I start every Saturday with taking our darling Cane Corso Mastiff, Paco, on a long walk in Prospect Park near our home. Then we go to the farmers market at the entrance of the park. We go home- have a great breakfast, listen to the radio, drink lots of coffee and chat over bunch- generally catching up from the week. From there- to make it perfect-- we would head to the beach for the rest of the day!! Come home at sunset, have a cocktail, and enjoy the evening!

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Style Crush: Florals for Spring

Driving around Sonoma these past couple of weeks, it's evident that spring is coming early this year. Every tree is in bloom, the mustard in the barren vineyards and fields is a vibrant yellow and I can dash out the door without the thought of a sweater. Spring is coming in full force and I am thrilled! What better to assist the seasonal shift than floral print?? I'm adoring all of the fresh, colorful threads from some of my favorite go-to stores. All of these great finds have me putting my winter greys away to make room for a few spring pick-me-up pieces!

{J.Crew's Liberty Perfect Shirt, Liberty 3" Chino Short, Liberty Schoolboy Blazer; Tearose Scarf and Painted Lacebloom Top from Madewell; Urbanoutfitters' Blossom Mini Skirt; Steve Madden Floral Print Backpack; Gap Fedora}

{Floral Oxfords galore; Anthropologie Ayora Brocade Jacket and iPhone case; Madewell Skinny Skinny Ankle Jean in Sungarden; Collection Cece Floral Flats from J.Crew; ASOS Floral belt; Floral Keds; [blanknyc] Denim Skirt; Anthropolgie's Bruna Dress.}


Happy Friday!


Man of The Hour: Sole Searching

Paul Stuart Patent Leather Formal Bump, Crockett & Jones' Albert Shoe, Dior Homme Leather and Grograin Shoe, Salvatore Ferragamo Formal Loafer, Gucci Alexandre Loafer, Prada Cap Toe Oxford, Salvatore Ferragamo Aiden Patent Oxford, Yves Saint Laureant Patnet Lace-Up


Head Over Heels with Melanie: Oscars 2013 Fashion Recap

Boy, do I love award shows!  I am a sucker for a red carpet, glamorous fashion, and amazing speeches.  I have been known to cry, laugh and clap alone in a room during one of the many incredible award shows that occur each year.  The Oscars are the crème de la crème and always bring the best fashion of the year.  This year was no exception! 

Two of the standouts were wearing white and looking stunning!  Jennifer Lawrence and Charlize Theron both wore Dior Haute Couture and were the epitome of sophistication.   Old Hollywood Glamour is definitely still a trend that I’m enjoying especially with hair and makeup. 

My two favorite hairstyles belonged to Reese Witherspoon (she just had a baby?!) and Jessica Chastain. Also loved the soft smoky eye on Amanda Seyfried

Tons of stars wore sparkles on the red carpet.  And we all know how I feel about metallic dresses and pretty glittery gowns!  That said, I was not a fan of everyone’s glittery attempt.  Naomie Harris’ slit was WAY to high.  Kristen Stewart was also not a favorite.  She looked so miserable that nothing would have looked good on her.  K Stew should go to the school of “Head Over Heels”.  You look way better in clothes when you feel great and exude happiness! 

The three top sparklers were Jessica Chastain (she is getting mentioned for hair AND fashion today!), Naomi Watts and Stacy Kiebler. Full ball gown skirts also doned the red carpet.  Amy Adams and Jennifer Aniston knew how to work those trains!  Love!

Now, I know that I’m preggers so I am always going to love a lady who embraces the bump.  But, how amazing do Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum look?  I can’t get enough!  They look so in love and she looks incredible.  I also adore this look Natalie Portman wore to one of the coveted Oscars after parties.  Work it Natalie!  As always, she has a classic elegance that I always adore.  Her husband looks pretty fantastic as well!

I also wanted to throw in these two wild cards.  Swooning over this color on Elizabeth Banks!  So refreshing!  Samantha Barks totally brought it in this striking Valentino gown. And let’s all be honest with each other shall we?  As amazing as all these Oscar looks are, we all know who looked the best.  Joseph Gordon Levitt, you are just TOO dapper!




Bridal Blush: Colored Wedding Dresses - Mint

Moving right along with our favorite colored wedding dresses!! Mint made its way on to the scene a few years ago and we are definitely not over the trend. It's fresh, young and perfect for a spring wedding! The Vera Wang dress below is our favorite. The puddle of silk organza trailing this bride is stunning! And that waist detail? So modern and sleek! Love it!!